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Our Mission

Demonstrating our faith by meeting the needs of those incarcerated and the families of.

Our Vision

Founded by the incarcerated for the incarcerated and their families. 


We strive to aid and assist in the needs of the incarcerated who have little to no outside support, including but not limited to, successful transition from imprisonment to independence.  


In doing so our goal is to reduce recidivism while leading to safe communities.  


We also strive to provide for the needs of the families left behind by their incarcerated loved ones.  


None of this is possible without the guiding of the Holy Spirit and the support of our brothers and sisters in Christ. 


Founded by the incarcerated, for the incarcerated, and their families. Since 2002 we have been helping people take their first steps back into society, helped families stay in touch, and help the currently incarcerated who have little to no resources. Breaking down the wall to show that these are peoples oms, dads, brothers, sisters sons, daughters, and not second class citizens. 

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Cornerstone Ministry Group

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