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20/20 Vision

2020 VISION By A.J. Rasmussen

Have you had your vision checked lately? I hadn't, and I thought my eyes were great. Everyone in my family seems to have glasses, but I don't, so I figured I was just the lucky one!

Well, small planes flying overhead have all began to look like biplanes, having a wing both above and below the fuselage. After thinking that there couldn't be that many of those kinds of planes left, I decided to ask someone and they said, "No, that is just a normal plane with a single wing."

"Hmm . . . ," I thought, "maybe their eyes are bad?" That was so until I started to see jumbo jets, which fly overhead, either departing or arriving to Everett's Paine Field or Seattle's SeaTac Airports. Some of the ones flying at a higher altitude began to look as though they were carrying another plane on top of them, the same way they used to transport the Space Shuttle from location to location. It was then that I thought I may as well have my eyes checked. When I couldn't read the fourth line from the top, and the third line I couldn't make out an 'f' from a 'p', I began to think "It must be the meds that I take which are causing my vision troubles."

Well, I can't tell you yet whether it is my meds, or just my eyes, but I'm bound and determined to find out, and get glasses if need be. . .

BUT . . . , how about my spiritual vision? Is it 20/20? The answer to that question makes me even more sad that the fact my eyes most likely aren't perfect anymore. I don't know about you, but I feel I have let my faith dwindle. I've allowed my circumstances, depression, a battle with anxiety, and a focus on helping everyone else come in between me and my faith. Doubt at times has crept in. Joy has been absent. Hope has been nonexistent. Purpose has been lost.

Why has this happened? Well, it is easy enough to blame it on my sentence of life, but is that it? Probably not . . .

I've gotten away from reading my Bible regularly. I've gotten away from reading my devotional every day. I've taken on the world alone, rather than turning to God in prayer. And, I've missed out on the purpose and point of church, and it has become more a chore than something I hunger for.

Maybe you can relate? Maybe that should be where focus is turned. Our eyes losing their perfect vision is inevitable, and often correctable. Losing the 20/20 of our faith, that does not have to be inevitable. It is something we can most certainly correct. It is something we and I NEED to correct, cus without it comes the loss of joy, the lack of purpose, and room for depression and anxiety to soar.

It is a new year, a new decade. It is 2020, what better time to work on our faith! Every day we write out or see the date, 2020 will be attached. Let us allow that to be a reminder to improve our "Vision" taking the time to let God direct our paths and destiny. Scripture says in Proverbs 16:9, "A man's heart devises his way, but the Lord directs his steps." This journey is not to be walked alone; we have a Director. Why not let Him direct and guide us back to this path called 2020!?

God Bless and Happy New Year!

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