A Glimpse Into My Life Part 2

A glimpse into my last 30 years, as I reach my 42nd Birthday

'42' PART 2 of 2

Another major turn in me came at my trial when the prosecutor put the actual boy I'd been talking to, prior to the cops taking over his accounts, on the stand. It was merely a ploy to grasp emotion from the jury, which made me angry because they used this boy for that purpose only. Aside from being angry tho, my heart was crushed, as he sat there scared as hell, and staring at me. I felt his eyes asking me why I had done this, causing him to be drug through this public spectacle.

The only questions he was asked by the prosecutor was, Who friended who on Facebook? His reply was, "I friended him. . .but I didn't know he was like that." When did you two begin talking? His reply, "I don't know." The prosecutor chimed in, 'June maybe?' He replied, 'Maybe, I don't remember.' It was then that she was done traumatizing him, and I stopped my lawyers from asking him any questions, I didn't want them to hinder him further.

I was so damn sad, and so damn mad at myself. From that day forward I felt a major change in my heart. This is when I began to feel empathy, and first realized I had a conscience, I think I had one before, but I just wasn't in touch with it. Obviously I still had work to do with myself, and I still do, but I have changed from the inside out starting that day. Since then, I've prayed for that boy regularly, that if anything good can come from this, that he will realize the depth of consequence our actions can have.

The day of my arrest, I was quickly on the news, and all over social media. My ex-boyfriend, who happened to be in NY at the time, knew of my arrest prior to my best friend who lived with me found out. It was so humiliating, but worse yet, all of my family and friends who had given me a second chance, were humiliated.

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