Bem Carson & The Political Spectacle

BEN CARSON & The Political Spectacle by, A.J. Rasmussen Nov. 10, 2015

The worst part of election season, to me, is how people treat others. My advice to anyone running in politics, 'I want to know what YOU can do, what YOU WILL do.' I don't want to hear these people put each other down, nor have them drag each other's skeletons from their closets. To me, that is a classic form of bullying and a huge turn off. I put such people at the bottom of the list of people I'd choose for President.

For a while, I actually was interested in what Trump had to say. But with time, combined with his flapping ignorant lips, he has gone from Trump to chump in my book.

To the subject of my writing, Ben Carson. I have favored him, along with Trump, from the onset. The thought of a non-politician being President is just so alluring.

Following the years of historically political Presidents, making important promises, yet never follow through, because most politicians are the authors of lies, It's time for someone outside the ranks of politics.

Trump lost my interest when he repeatedly had the same short list of things he plans to do. The majority of his message revolves around this HUGE wall he wants to build. It's as though he has not thought out or planned (seriously) for thee most important job in the country if not world.

Carson on the other hand, even though he appears to be on the verge of falling asleep at all times, I feel is real. He is down to earth, on our level. He knows where he came from. He's not afraid to admit that he wasn't always the best person. Like most of us, he has made mistakes, made poor choices, yet he has learned from them. He is an example of a person being able to rise from the ashes, as scripture would say. (The Lord will give us beauty for ashes. Is. 61:3)

Carson didn't have a father that gave him a "small loan of one million" to get him started. What he had though, was faith, hard work and determination.

I'm tired of hearing people bash him over the things of his youth, especially Trump. I'd bet Trump has more skeletons than all candidates combined, in his closet. His family is wealthy enough though to cover for him, and he isn't honest enough, a man full of pride, to admit his faults and short-comings.

Were I allowed to vote, I'd likely choose Ben Carson, a humble man, from humble beginings, not much unlike many of us. Is he fallible? Yes, aren't we all? He is human, and that's what our country needs, a man of integrity, who knows what it's like at the bottom. A man who cares about us, all of us.

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