Blood, Deaf, and ...Selfless>

Blind, Deaf, and...Selfless? by A.J. Rasmussen

"I am glad to join The Salvation Army in its campaign to raise a fund for the unemployed. The cry of destitute millions is in my heart, and out of their anguish I must speak. My own life has been made sweet with friendship and comforts and work, but blindness has taught me to look into all darknesses, and there will be bitterness of happiness while multitudes of my fellow creatures go hungry, and are unhelped.

"I have often tried to picture to myself what it would be like to stand in a breadline, hungry, shivering, and hopeless, but I simply cannot imagine such depths of misery. Every dollar sought by The Salvation Army tells a tragic story of the bitter suffering of real people. If we have food and warmth and security could for a single Winter be made to feel in our bodies what is meant by cold and hunger, our hearts would be compassionate, and help would come quickly from us, not as philanthropists, but as human beings.

"Would that I might aid them all myself - the fathers, mothers, and children who are homeless and breadless through no fault of their own! But since that may not be, I must content myself by urging others to come to their assistance. I implore everyone who reads these words: Give willingly, and give in the right spirit - the spirit of justice, not charity. It is our plain duty as individual members of society to do all in our power to right this appalling disaster in the lives of countless people. Give as much as you can, and give quickly; measure your gift to The Salvation Army by the thankfulness in your hearts for your security and the blessings you enjoy, the chief of which is the well-being of your children." - Hellen Keller, The War Cry (May 20, 1933)

Can you imagine living a life where in reality you should, and have the right to feel anything but blessed, but are without so much?

Most everyone knows Helen Keller and her story, if you don't, Google™ her. An amazing woman of God, a person who wasn't only deaf and blind, but also not the most intelligent, yet her heart was healthy. Her goal, always to put others before herself. She was a true reflection of how we ought to live and conduct ourselves if Christ is truly living within us. Believer or not, I think most would consider Ms. Keller worthy of having her life be a model for us to follow.

Although I'm sure she experienced hate, judgment, and prejudice, I doubt an ounce of of them was ever displayed from her. She endorsed hard work and charitable work. She never said something she wouldn't do herself. The above story in which she endorses the work of her friend (Evangeline Booth) and The Army (The Salvation Army) is but one example of her desire that like herself, we reach the hearts and needs of all who lack or are in need.

I hope you will join us to reach those in need, both incarcerated as well as the families of those incarcerated, to show them that they are not alone, that their past doesn't have to define their future, and that love does still exist in this darkened world. If you are unable to join us at our first fundraiser, held July 30th (7-9pm) at Port Gardner Bay Winery in Everett, Washington - please consider opening your heart to the often forgotten. You can contact us at to learn how you might contribute!

Much love from our family to yours!

- CM

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