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Cornerstone Culture

The Cornerstone Culture............................. (adapted from the Simma's Bakery mission statement - changed to fit our ministry - with plans to incorporate it as our own culture.)

COMMITMENT - We give ourselves and commit to 100% until we succeed. We are committed to the Vision, Mission, Culture, and Success of this ministry, it's current and future team, and those we serve, at all times.

OWNERSHIP - We are truly responsible for our actions and outcomes and everything that takes place in our work and our lives. We are accountable for our results and know that for things to change, we must first change.

INTEGRITY - We always speak the truth. What we promise, we will deliver. We only make agreements with ourselves and others that we are willing to and intend to keep.

EXCELLENCE - Good enough isn't. We always deliver exceptionally. We stay on a path of constant and never-ending improvement and innovation.

COMMUNICATION - We speak positively of our fellow team members and those we serve in both public and private. We speak with good purpose using empowering and positive conversation. We never use or listen to sarcasm or gossip. We acknowledge what is being said as true for the speaker at that moment and we take responsibility for responses to our communication. We always apologize for any upsets first and then look for a solution. We only ever discuss concerns in private with the person involved.

SUCCESS - We totally focus our thoughts, energy, and attention on the successful outcome of whatever we are doing.

EDUCATION - We learn from our mistakes. We consistently learn, grow, and master so that we can help our fellow team members, and those we serve, to grow and master as well.

TEAMWORK - We are team players. We do what it takes to stay together and achieve team goals. We focus on cooperation and always come to a resolution or compromise. We are flexible in our work and able to change if what we are doing isn't working. We ask for help when we need it and are compassionate of others who ask us.

CONSISTENCY - We are consistent in our actions so those we serve, and our teammates, can feel comfortable in dealing with us at all times. We are disciplined in our work so our results, growth, and success are consistent.

GRATITUDE - We are a truly grateful ministry. We say thank you and show appreciation often and in many ways so that all around us know how much we appreciate everything and everyone we have in our lives. We celebrate our wins, wins of those we serve, and the wins of all our team members. We strive to do things right.

ACCOUNTABILITY - We are responsible for our actions or lack there of. We are fully accountable for all our duties and tasks that we must accomplish. We take pride in our achievements and heed our mistakes.

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