Familial Pain

amilial Pain by A.J. Rasmussen

Yes, receiving a sentence of life without the possibility of parole was devastating!

But...How much more so for the family and friends of myself and others who are serving time in prisons everywhere?

I can only speak to the devastation I have caused myself, the tearing away from my loved ones, the loss of a future and hope, the knowledge of every single person my actions have affected.

Do people consider the pain families and friends of inmates must endure? Or do you merely write these individuals off, place them in the same category as me, the incarcerated one? What did the family member or friend do to receive judgment or to be given the cold shoulder?

This portion of society is forced to move forward with their lives, all while trying to balance their love for the individual they feel they lost, their daily lives, and the shame they must face simply for being related or a friend to this person who admittingly made many poor choices.

"Why do you continue to love and support that no good piece of scum!?"

This is an idea of what these selfless and loving individuals face, day after day. The question you ought to be asking yourself is...

"How can I be more like this amazing person? How do I love, unconditionally like this person? How can I be supportive of these hurting family members and friends of the incarcerated?"

Well, let me inform you, there will be an article in the July/August issue of our bi-monthly newsletter, by a mother whose son is doing life in prison. Check it out to see how it has affected her life and those she cares about.

If you are not currently subscribed to receive this free e-newsletter, subscribe through our website www. go2cm.org -or- by sending an email to our secretary Linda at cornerstoneministry1@gmail.com

There will be future articles as well by various current and past inmates as well as family and friends of them.

I hope you are enjoying and appreciating the love of our gracious Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!! Live as though you're blessed, because you are!! As am I as I sit here, free on the inside!! If you are burdened, cast those burdens on to the Lord. He is more than capable, and willing, to take it on!! What a mighty God we serve!! (Check out Good Good Father by Chris Tomlin, great song!!)

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