Fire Insurance

By AJ Rasmussen

It’s been said of Heaven & Hell that your choice is a matter of life (heaven) and death (Hell). As I shared with my good friend John today, if you choose to believe, and thus an eternal life in Heaven and you’re wrong, what have you got to lose? But, on the other hand, but if you choose not to believe in Jesus Christ and His death burial, and resurrection to save us from our sins and thus an eternal life in Hell, and you’re wrong…. Now look what you’ve got to lose. Some call it fire insurance.

I’m not writing, however, today about fire insurance. What I care to share today is Fire Assurance. I am sticking to the theme of trial & tribulation that I’ve spoken of in the past two months, because for one I’m still living the trial. Bit two, because the message keeps battering me like wind at the shudders of a beach house.

My friend Bib writes, March 24th, opening with James 1:12; “Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life (eternal in heaven) that the Lord has promised to those who love (believe in) Him”.

March 29th, Our Daily Bread ‘s devotion is titled “Trial By Fire”. Again, using James 1:12 as it’s reference scripture. They use the example of an Aspen tree which can produce an entire grove from one seed sharing a single root system which can live dormant, not producing a single tree, for thousands of years. It’s only when room is cleared by fire, avalanche or flood that they now get their chance to thrive.

In my Bible, as I shared in my last entry, I stumbled across commentary about Job, but the same for us, that God doesn’t come to destroy, but to restore us to His purpose, albeit via “Fire” or trials.

From another source, I read “We must focus on what God CAN do, not what we can’t”. These trials or tribulations are a testing ground meant to mature us, to grow us up into the people God wants us to be, that our families want us to be, that our friends want us to be, and hopefully ultimately, what we want us to be. Our goal ought to be a better person tomorrow than we were today. Unfortunately for most, reaching that humble level of maturity takes fire. Some of us, like me, are more hard headed and stubborn and the heat has to be cranked up to truly get our attention and for us to understand we are flailing apart from Christ.

I am reaching the end of my time in segregation. And I will soon be at a facility very close to my family. This will be the light, or reward at the end of the so-called tunnel after enduring two months of utter isolation from the living. No tv, no news, no radio, no visits, no hanging out with friends, no church, nearly no freedom, numerous limitations, limited showers, even limited time to call home and no view of the outdoors. I honestly believe this is nearly as close as one can get to hell without physically going. It has been moist certainly a trial by fire, but in the end, you and I have the assurance that through such times of fire in our lives, we will be made better, there will a reward if we endure, that God loves us even when it doesn’t feel like it at times, that we have the crown of life eternal-that folks is what I call-Fire Assurance. God Bless!

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