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" FREEDOM " By A.J. Rasmussen

It is the Fourth of July, oh how I wished I was not in here so I could spend the day with my family and friends, eating barbeque, hanging at the lake, wake boarding and riding the Wave Raider, a nice cold beer, laughter, and fireworks.

My last Fourth not in prison was spent with my mom, my dog, and a few of my friends at Ocean Shores in a cabin we'd rented and went to after we raced on Saturday. My poor dog suffered through an evening at the races, she never got used to the noises, but she sure had fun the next couple days at the ocean :-)

That was eight years ago today, how sad where I am today. But, it could always be worse. I am in a pretty good emotional and mental space today, well enough that I can realize things could be worse.

I began the day working out with my cellie, my friend, and one other guy. We worked out for two hours, and now I'm watching practice at Daytona. For lunch we have a special lunch. . . a hot dog, hamburger (with the fixins) watermelon, potato salad, beans, and ice cream.

I haven't written for a while, because my new player only lasted a month before going to crap. They finally sent me a new one, I got it yesterday, and after 2 1/2 months without I am extremely thankful to have full access to email again, and music to listen to!

Tonight, the valley will be lit up with fireworks from like 930pm-1230am. I have never seen a better firework show. I've told people they should come park at the school behind us so they can see the same firework show, it is that good. There are so many good fireworks by the homes throughout the valley that u can't even pick out the professional firework show at the fairgrounds. There are so many fireworks that within a couple hours the valley will be so smoke-filled that u can barely see the fireworks on the other side of the valley. Thankfully we have had rain off and on all week, so maybe there won't be so many fires started throughout the state.

Although I have had many rough days, I am glad to have had a pretty decent week. Despite being far from 'free', I am thankful for the freedom I do have, and that's really what today is all about, Freedom!

Happy Fourth!

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