By AJ Rasmussen

I am sure you have heard this word in your lifetime? I know I’ve heard and or seen it a number of times in my life. But have you ever stopped to think exactly what it means? I really hadn’t. Growing up in the motorsports world I just found it to kind of be a cool word, tying together things important in my life, “God” (being raised a Christian), and “speed” (motorsports). It’s a cool word, right?

Now 36 days in my little vacation of segregation, or “the hole”, I’ve had A LOT of time to read and think. In fact, by the time I’m done with this season of my life, I’ll have reached and bypassed 40 days, which made me think of the 40 days of fasting we read a number of times in the Bible.

There is that word again, albeit a synonym, but still….FAST. I have been on this fast, although forced, pushing 40 days. A fast from tv, radio, access to email, school, work, interaction with people, even church. In this time of solitude I have been able to pray, read, think, meditate, plan, organize, and all while listening to the Spirit, or still small voice. When in our life can we say we’ve had such a length of time to just shut out the world’s noise? I can honestly say never. In my now 40 years, I’ve found it difficult to sit still and shut out all distractions for even 40 seconds, let alone 40 days.

I asked my mom on the phone yesterday to go to one of my favorite places on the internet. If you’ve not been there, I recommend you check out Urban Dictionary-it’s a good time. ☺ I had her look up this word “Godspeed”, and in summary it is defined as; Good Luck, Get well, blessings, showing of concern and compassion.

I kind of had an idea of what the definition would say, because it’s normally been someone was injured or died when I’ve seen the word used. But always it was used toward someone else. When have we said Godspeed to ourselves? I’m guessing never. We’re too busy to have genuine concern or compassion for ourselves, or God for that matter. We are friends of God. We are a vessel For Christ to live through. We are filled with the Spirit-so why do we care so little about ourselves? Why don’t we watch what we eat? Why don’t we exercise to stay fit? Why don’t we concern ourselves with our mental, emotional and spiritual health? Scripture says, to “love our neighbor as ourselves” (Leviticus 19:18). How can we even think of loving our neighbors when we don’t even love ourselves?

I know many of us throughout our lives have experienced unloving relationships, so I suppose it’s natural for us to have a difficult time loving ourselves or believing we are capable of being loved-yet we are. If there is no other love for us to grasp on to, we always have a loving heavenly Father as witnessed in the giving of His only begotten son to first live as an example for us, then to die on the cross to pay for all the world’s sin. Maybe if God put this into one word to us He’d say Godspeed! God is the ULTIMATE example of genuine care and compassion.

I suggest we schedule into our busy lives a period to fast from worldly distractions. I wouldn’t recommend my approach, nor do I feel 40 days is necessary, but take an evening off. Maybe once a month, take this evening off. Eat an early dinner (4-5). Then shut off your phone, your computer, your tv and radio, get yourself a quiet place, a library, a prayer closet, your bedroom to do absolutely nothing but read (Bible or an uplifting book), or pray, or be completely quiet. Maybe a stretch routine to relax your body, talk to yourself if you want, write down thoughts or ideas that come to mind. Just allow yourself to experience peace and tranquility- you deserve it!!!

The next time the word “Godspeed” comes to mind, just maybe it will trigger Godfast and you’ll be saying it to yourself, giving yourself permission to love on yourself for a change. Then, watch how your relationships, your daily dealings, your peace, and your love for others change. For we must love ourselves first before we can love someone else!


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