Heis>I by A.J. Rasmussen

JJ, the younger man in the group of volunteers who come to our Promise Keeper meetings, had a hat on today that I really liked. I, however, didn't know what it, "Heis>I", meant until I asked and he told me. "He is Greater Than I".

This hat got me thinking. I wished I could get hats or shirts that would share Jesus with those who see me. As I say that I know the real solution. People need to see Christ in me, in us, through our daily walk, not just on a shirt or a hat.

However, having a hat or shirt would definitely hold us to another standard, wouldn't it? We wouldn't want people seing our hat or shirt, and our words or actions contradicting that, right?

So, maybe it would be wise to have a selection of hats or shirts to help us hold ourselves accountable, while being a witness of Christ through our outer wear, as well as our inner wear? Something to think about, and maybe hit up your local Christian store, or website, such as cbd.org (Christian Book Distributors). This way people will ask, as I did, "What does that mean", and it will open the door for you to witness to the individual, and hopefully, your verbal witness will match that of your, my, physical witness.

God is good. God is great God is MUCH greater than I He is>I!

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