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Holi-Day Part Four

Holi-Day (part four) by A.J.

December 25th . . . Today began by waking me with the sounds of shovels outside my window scraping along the cement walkways, otherwise known as inmate snow plows. It was a nice relaxing noise that put me back to sleep.

The next noise wakening came from a guy and his dog outside my window in the dog run, 'Ooh Ohh Ohh Ooh' as the dog and it's trainer ran back-n-forth thru the snow. I fell back asleep from this as well.

My next awakening came at 8:15 when Brandon's friend came to my door and began flashing my light on and off from the wisely-placed light switch on the outside. I merely threw my blanket over my head at this point trying to go back to sleep and return to my less lonely dreams, where I was with some old racing friends, not in prison.

I decided to check and respond to a couple emails before returning to sleep, which I did until Brandon came to my door, for him I got up and have been up since. I had a warm cup of coffee, and ate this most amazing dessert thingy that Brandon created for me and himself. The base was a frosted honeybun. Over that, a melted Hershey bar. Then over that he sprinkled it with crumbled up Snickers, Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, and finally crushed up Candy Cane. It was absolutely delicious! Non-fat of course.

I then called my mom who is stranded at my grandma's due to the snow, so I got to talk to them both at once. I then called my friend Annette and had a good chat with her. I'll likely make a few more calls, and then I have a video visit tonight with one of my east coast friends, Gary. So far, so good. I almost just stayed in bed, and likely would have had Brandon not coerced me out of bed with his amazing creation :-) God is good, He knows what we need, and when we need it. Now I will return the favor by purchasing a game that Brandon's been wanting to play titled Demong Hunter, thanks to grandma :-)

December 25th continued. . . Well, it's 3pm now, and it's been a pretty decent day so far. I watched my Golden State Warriors beat Cleveland, even without my secret husband Steph Curry. And I've spent much of the day with Brandon, and I got a new cellie. I talked to Jason briefly, and he's coming to visit shortly, which will be a nice cap to the day. Overall I'd say Christmas has so far been a success.

December 25th continued. . . Well, Jason didn't make it in to visit, unsure if he tried, and turned around, cus they left us locked down an hour longer than normal so the staff who were working could have a nice meal beings they were here and not home with their families?

Also, my video visit didn't work out either, so didn't have that. That was pretty much how my Christmas ended, or so I thought. After visiting with my new cellie, as always happens at least the first night, he went to sleep, and my day had just began. Not sure if I got food poisoned, or a touch of some flu strand? Around 1am it was a battle of which end to point toward the toilet, it was a nightmare. Round one I didn't fully make it to the toilet in time, and the wall behind the toilet paid dearly. From there it was dry heaves, lovely, and the shits. About 630am I finally was able to go to sleep, and I awoke three hours later feeling better, but weak in every sense of the word. I cleaned the cell real good cus I felt like I'd contaminated the whole thing. I then took a shower, and sipped on cool water, but that just made me feel ill again. I don't know how I continue to go to the bathroom, I can't imagine what is left, but here I lay taking it easy, no quick movements.

Here ends my Holid-Day Happy New Year!

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