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I wouldn't normally qrite such a story.....

I normally would not write such a story, but . . . By A.J. Rasmussen

I normally would not write such a story, but . . . I shared this TRUE story with my visitors today, and had them in tears of laughter for a change. Usually the tears they shed are because of my poor decisions, and my depression-filled moments. So, I thought I should share it with ya'll.

I don't know if it is because I am gay, but I tend to notice falice shaped things, as well as the occasional open fly. It wasn't an open fly I noticed this day, it was a falice shaped object, and it was in the sky.

Following a workout in the big yard with my buddy Ronnie, we were walking back to the unit and I just so happened to look up and right there in front of me, I saw in the sky a falice shaped cloud.

I could not believe what I was seeing so of course I had to nudge Ronnie with my elbow, and tell him, "Hey, look up, there is a penis in the sky!"

Ronnie looked up and broke into laughter. He said, "It even has balls!"

I looked again, and sure enough, there was a perfectly proportioned set of testicles to accompany the falice shaped cloud. Now I was laughing, the wind had done this because they weren't there when I first noticed it.

Ronnie couldn't possibly keep this discovery to the two of us, so he stopped to tell a guy he knew who was behind us, "Hey, look up there!", as he pointed to the cloud formation in the sky.

The guy, beside himself, began to laugh and said, "Oh my, there is a penis and balls in the sky!" Now all three of us were having a good laugh. I looked up again, and now the wind had changed, and the falice-shaped cloud was growing as the wind pulled the shaft, causing the once limp falice-shaped cloud to appear erect.

Now, there was probably a good 30-40 people funneling through this narrow gate and walkway which was now behind us. Our stopping and looking up had the natural effect it always has, creation of curiosity. So, everyone was now looking toward the cloud formation above.

They joined in on the laughter, and then I heard one guy in the crowd say, "A.J., you would notice that!" What could I say . . . ? Not much.

I had to take one last look before moving on, and BAM! Just like that, one of the testicles blew off from the shaft, and disintegrated into thin air. I had to report this back to the crowd. "One of the balls just blew up!" Everyone looked up to notice there was now only the shaft and one testicle, and our entertainment was over.

The entertainment was rekindled when I shared the story with my visitors today. Now you know the entertainment we must create for ourselves in this otherwise boring place. We must look to the clouds for our entertainment. Hey, it's cheap, and we have nothing but time, you should try it sometime!

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