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In Memory Of My Baby Girl, Queen Cita

Updated: Mar 31, 2019

IN MEMORY OF MY BABY GIRL, QUEEN CITA. . (April 2007 - December 2016)

Although I've not been a part of her life for nearly five years, she has emotionally been a link to my mom from inside this prison, to my mom out there. I feel I left Cita behind to give my mom a sense of my being there and today that link will be broke.

Cita would be ten this April, and had difficult beginnings. She has seen me through some of my best and worst of days. This has been a tough second half of 2016, not only for me. My friend Jason lost Rolo and Sundance. Annette lost her cat that everyone thought would live forever. My grandma lost Buddy. Now it's my turn as Cita has reached the end of a not always easy road.

As a puppy she was abused. At six months old, my girlfriend (at the time), her sons, and myself decided to adopt a dog. This is how Cita came into our lives. I wanted the black lab, but JoJo wanted the white, Spuds Mackenzie looking dog. He won out, and named her Cita, as in mama cita.

We took her home, and around the same time was given a kitten, whom became Remy. Sadly, Cita was so damaged, that this hanful-sized kitten could hold her hostage in a corner, pinning Cita's nose in the laundry room corner. Humorous, but sad.

As a family we loved her to a point she was freed from much of her fears and anxiety. She was often the fourth player in a backyard soccer game of two on two. She and JoJo against me and three year old Rico. She and JoJo usually won.

Cita and my first heartbreak would come in an ugly separation of me and the boy's mother. I don't know who took it harder, me or Cita? After a $400 vet bill, I learned she was depressed. Little did I know, so was I. Over the next four years, my depression would sink me to an all time low and eventually to a life sentence in prison. Cita was always there to greet me though after a difficult day at work. I'm not sure if she was wagging her tail, or was her tail wagging her? She had the most beautiful voice, as she'd greet me, and anyone else who came to the house with a song of her making. She should have been in a choir.

The next stage of our life consisted of accepting a dog into our family who'd not have been my first choice. A Chihuahua named LuLu. Cita welcomed her like a sister, they quickly became buddies, and LuLu quickly won over the hearts of my best friend and roommate Chris, and myself. We'd take her to Petco and she'd strut through there, off leash, like a queen. In the summer, she was a beach bum in her two-piece pink bathing suit. The winter, she sported her fir-lined hooded bomber jacket. What a princess she was. Her life came to a tragic end, but we're not exactly sure what happened. I never wanted a Chihuahua, but herself coming from an abusive start, brought great joy to all whom she encountered, including Cita.

This left Cita looking for LuLu for a while. Cita and Remy wound up pretty good friends, and often kept each other in line.

Cita's next high light came when I reconnected with my buddy Jake, after a handful of years not seeing him. His family took Cita and myself in as their own. Cita loved them all so much, especially Austin and Jake, they were her buddies. We'd often sit around the living room and she'd go from person to person, being sure to spread her love equally. There was an occasional stop at an empty spot in the couch where she'd back up to the couch and dance for us as she scratched her own back. Her love was immeasurable. I believe God uses such pets, despite harsh beginnings, to bring a calm and teach us love. Cita was an angel brought to heal so many - Me in my hard times. Jake, Austin, Abbey, and Alyssa in their hard times. LuLu in her difficult times. And my mom in her most troubling times.

Upon my arrest, Cita lost me, but my mom gained Cita. That is where the link was made. Since my arrest I've had pictures of Cita on my wall, Cita on my blog, Cita on my penpal site, Cita in my heart. Over the phone I've gotten the pleasure to hear her sing for me. Via video visit, she did a song and dance.

Heaven will never be the same with the addition of my baby-girl Cita. Until we meet again my friend. I'd say rest in peace, but it will be more a 'Godspeed' as she races to share her love with every person and animal she encounters. Take care of my girl grandpa! Thank you for taking care or my mom and nephews in my absence Cita.

I love you and will always miss you.

Your father and friend, AJ

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