In Response to the Kim Davis Update

"In Response to the KimDavis Circus" By A.J. Rasmussen- 9/11/2015A person, Kim Davis, elected by the people, is expected to do the job in accordance with current law. If a person has beliefs or disagreements with a specifc law, then this person ought to step down from current position. In a governemt position, one can not decide what rules they will follow. In this case the person is an elected official, chosen to live by a set standard within the law of the land.

With that said, I don't believe or agree with incarceration as a means of resolution. At the least, Kim Davis should have been suspended until she decided to either fulfill the laws, or by her choosing, to step down from her position if she can't comfortably do said job, which in this case, requires her to distribute marriage licenses to hetero as well as same sex couples.

As a Christian myself, I am embarassed by the circus created by this situation from a lady who is a self proclaimed person full of sin, like the rest of us. A woman, on her fourth marriage and children birthed out of wed-lock, where is it her place to "throw the first stone?" Granted, she is a newborn Christian (Four years old), does this all the sudden make her holier than thou? How does her handing over a document, a piece of paper, with or without her name included, go against her beliefs? She is not the one marrying someone of the same-sex, that act would be what is against her belief. Is she all the sudden God herself, chosing what other people decide for themselves? I have this vision of Jesus standing up above, at the right hand of God, hand on his forehead, shaking his head thinking out loud to Himself with tears in His eyes, "did these people totally miss my message and my example I left to follow?"

If that isn't bad enough already, Two potential presidential candidates show up at the jail encouraging this circus. Were they there because they compassionately were concered for Kim Davis? If one could see their heart, I would have to say, " I doubt it." I believe they saw this as an opportunity to tout themselves, taking advantge of a situation. Would they have been there if they were not currently in a race to try to win the seat of presidency? Again, I highly doubt it. That in itself is a disgrace to not only them and Kim Davis, but also Christianity. Were Jesus still walking the planet in physical form, I believe He would have been there, overturning tables and cameras, running everyone in attendance out of there, as He did the money changers in His temple. We are His temples and I think He would have been there to clean His house of the filth and disgust.

I would never deny Christ as my Savior. Nor would I deny that I am a Christian, but what an embarrasing day that was to be called a Christian with the behavior displayed on those news channels the days following Kim Davis' arrest and release.

Kim Davis, and other "Conservative Christians", please read, and live by God's Word, just as you are creating a media circus to try to force others to do. Step out of your God Box, look in the mirror, and "Take the PLANK out of your own eye, before trying to take the SPECK out of your brother's eye." Maybe start with treating people as though they were your brother and sister first. That might be a good start. Get to know the very people you are judging, first? A little compassion and love goes a long way. The typical "Jesus hates you!" signs, is not a very productive way to win people to Christ. Maybe start with Loving people, as Jesus did.

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