March 15,2019

March 15, 2019

Today, Monroe Washington lost a man of Valor.

I don't know if Schrum had a family, if he was married, if he had kids? But what I do know, he was a good man, loved by all.

He always treated us with respect while maintaining his professional work ethic. Every time we crossed paths, he or I would be sure to say hello and ask how the other was doing.

He always wore his Oakleys and I joked with him, did he want to trade me his Oakleys for my $2.00 pair of sunglasses. That always gave him a chuckle.

He was here when I got here in 2001, and here when I got here in 2017. He remembered not only me, but also mom, grandma, and my brother. He'd often ask how they were.

Schrum was one of two who actually transported me to segregation, came to my cell to cuff me up, and on the walk from the unit to the vehicle couldn't believe I of all people was going to the hole. But, as he often did, he again asked how my mom, grandma, and brother were.

Schrum was a quiet man, and with his Oakleys, rain or shine, he'd nod his head, and in his quiet voice say 'How's it goin?' and give his half smile.

Schrum was also one of the reasons that Twin Rivers became the first prison to have an LGBT group who started to hold annual Pride events. He was co-sponsor to each meeting. And, he faced adversity because of it from co-workers, but he was a man of integrity, and heart, he didn't care what others thought, what he cared about was people, all people.

God gained one hell of an angel. I hope u will share this online, with your churches, with your local papers and news stations.

You will be missed Officer Schrum. Only the good die young . . .

R.I.P. Officer Schrum, 42 years young Monroe Correctional Complex GodSpeed!


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