Old Age

Old Age. . . Just a Number? by A.J. Rasmussen

I just witnessed an 'old' man, by any car racing standards, take his 150th finals win. All season John Force has been working on getting that 150th win, and today he did it in Seattle, Washington - his 9th win in Seattle, in a career that has spanned four decades.

Right after his win, one of his hired drivers, a young man by the name of Austin Prock, got his first win in this his first season driving for John Force Racing.

So . . . Does age matter?

I sat here the other day watching Sports Center on ESPN, and they were talking to New Englands' Tom Brady, and they were discussing his age, because he is "up there" in age for a football player. He is 42, which happens to be my age. This made me reflect on myself, my life, what I've accomplished, what I have missed out on, and what my future holds.

Most days I don't feel old, however some would say 42 is old, others, that it is not old. It is a matter of perspective I suppose, but when I seen that Tom Brady is 42, and I see what all he has and what he has accomplished, I can't help but feel deflated. I can't help but wonder where I went so wrong. Is there any hope for another chance to change my end story?

The moral of this short story is this. . . Don't waste what you have, what the good Lord has given you. We don't know if tomorrow will even arrive. Yesterday is gone. We only have today. Don't waste it. Don't do or say things you will regret. Beware of the potential consequence our choices or actions may have, good or bad. Don't be like me, 42, and forced to reflect on what could have been, the "what if's"

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