Roller Coasters

Roller Coasters

By AJ Rasmussen

I remember a time when roller coasters were fun- todays roller coasters, in my instance, not so much.

I went through the holidays of 2016 and into 2017 feeling good. Everything just seemed so perfect, so why was I nervous in the midst of what seemed nothing could go wrong? Because un my life, and maybe yours, all good things seem to come to an end. When things are good, I tend to get nervous because I know the testing will come.

Scripture speaks of testing as a means of purification. Metals, for instance, must be “tested”- heated, hammered on, to cook, and beat out all impurities. Well, the same goes for man, sort of.

December 15th was when this ride got good. There was the climb, there was the freefall and twists and turns. There was the hands held high in praise and thanks for all the blessings and goodness-then came the derailment.

A wheel fell off the roller coaster car- I was warned by a fellow Christian that he had overheard skinheads talking about me, that they were going to send someone after me for some falsity which they believed to be true, I had spoken with a couple people so they’d know what happened if these evil people followed through. As a day or two passed it seemed to have gone away, but of course I was still walking around nervously.

The bar that holds you into the roller coaster came loose. An individual from another prison “group” was at a table talking to a friend of mine, and when I briefly stopped by before leaving for education, apparently this person was harassed by others in his group, so he later came to me and politely asked me not to do that again. Naturally, I wanted to get mad, but I had compassion for him for some reason. All I told him was to tell his “buddies” if they have a problem, to come directly to me, no need to place the burden on this guy.

The track up ahead broke in two, leaving an open space in the track, and we were barreling straight towards it- I get a letter from one of my pen pals and included were a couple articles written after my arrest. These articles were loaded with false and twisted truths, and it left me back in the days of my arrest and trial- the darkest days of my life. It also left me realizing what everyone I’d known had read about me. This plummeted me into a little depression and feeling worthless. How could God, or anyone forgive me for my hideous actions?

I slowly, as the days continued, rebounded mostly with up & down moments, but that opening in the track was real close now. As the car entered the broken spot in the tracks, we dove from the track like a soaring eagle, with nothing good able to come from this but death- I was having an otherwise good day-had attended a bible study in the afternoon and now was at church. I had prepared the communion for Pastor Terry, and enjoyed the music worship with the others. I even met a new person who seemed rather nice. All of a sudden out of my right peripheral, I see a body coming towards me and only by the grace of God and His guardian angels, I managed to somehow roll away from this person, twist around and push him away from me and the officers came running in to cuff this person. In the process of it all, he may have slightly caught the right side of my jaw, and in all the motion of it all, I miraculously did, it strained my back, but a bit of a stretching that will be fine I’m sure.

I still wound up in the hole (IMU), likely for a couple days until they review the cameras and see it wasn’t a fight, but rather an attempted assault.

Although that car fell through the broken track, miraculously there was an angel who put itself between the car and the ground, gently setting it down.

I’ve spent 12 years total between jail and prison, and not once have I been to the hole (with the exception of a handful of hours, due to someone’s false testimony in 2003). Because of the good things  the Lord has me doing, and the witness by my actions, every officer and sergeant I have seen on the way from the chapel, to medical, to IMU was very gracious, comforting, and understanding.

I’ve been in in here now 18 hours and have gotten lots of rest, and time to just unwind, stretch my back, and also realize, I don’t belong in here. This place is something else. Now, if I just could get a bible soon, I’ll be content until I leave. Pray with me that I can leave here in peace, and not have to face such a test again. I’ve heard of a couple other Christians who, when attacked, did not return attack. In both scenarios, I testified to them, “I don’t think I could that”. I’ll tell you, the very few times I’ve been faced with such a challenge, I basically blacked out and saw red, unable to control myself. I’ve been in deep prayer about such a situation taking place. This time it was the Lord in control. I’d love to see the camera to see exactly what happened, because although it was like slow motion, it happened so fast and I’m truly speculating on what really happened that left him 15 feet away from me and the officers on the scene as the guy was headed back in my direction. All I know is that God is good, and my back is sore \"/

PS Every officer who sees me in the hole is in shock- “what are you doing here?” It makes me want to cry, but at the same time, it’s encouraging that I’ve been living right, And btw, one of the Christian officers, who normally doesn’t work in IMU, just so happened to be here today. And he brought me a bible. Thank You Jesus!!!

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