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The 3 Amigas

THE - 3 - AMIGAS A.J. Rasmussen

I would say that we all have a "good side" and a "not so" good side. Today I want to talk about those responsible for my good side, The 3 Amigas.

Who are these masked women? My Grandma, my Mom, and my Aunt whom I will simply call Jo Jo.

As the saying goes, it takes an army to raise a child. These three are the soldiers in my life. Like many kids these days, I grew up in a single-parent household. But unlike many, we were able to grow up (my brother and I) without being hungry and never having to want for anything.

My Mom, in my younger years would work more than one job, that is until she began a career in which she would remain through retirement. Even still, she struggled, and I now know as an adult, battled depression at times. She never let it show, only thing she emitted was love.

The areas we may otherwise have lacked, my Grandma and Jo Jo stepped in. Our upbringing wasn't unlike the show Full House, except with women rather than men. Also the house consisted of three rather than one, I guess you could title it Full Houses.

When it is said that "it" runs downhill - in our family it was love that ran downhill. I'm sure it began in earlier generations, but most certainly, I know Mom and Jo Jo absorbed their ability to love from their Mother, my Grandma. One can't help but love when they are emersed in it. It is because of these three, The 3 Amigas, that I have the ability to love. I began this ministry, to allow that love to continue to "run downhill."

Don't fear showering your love on others, it is contagious, and the only symptom when you catch it is life - and life abundantly!

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