The Storm Before The Calm

By AJ Rasmussen

All our lives we hear “This is the calm before the storm”. And at times, it is true, especially in Washington with the amount of rain we get, we tend to notice these calms ahead of the storms.

So too in our lives, I guess we transpose that phrase onto circumstances, or at least I’ve discovered I do. I spoke on this very topic a couple posts ago when I spoke of the roller coaster ride. I had said I tend to get nervous when things are going well, for fear of a trial just around the bend.

I was given this phrase in which I titled this post “The Storm before the calm” I got to thinking, and maybe you can relate. Much of my life I have thought myself an optimist, believing I could do whatever I set my mind to. However, maybe I wasn’t as optimistic as I’d like to think? I often find myself trapped in the cycle of looking to those things I didn’t have rather than all I had been blessed with. I had a loving mom who provided all my needs (and then some), yet I cried because I wanted a father. I had grandparents who would sell their own body parts to be sure my brother and I had food on the table, yet I wondered why my other grandparents were rarely there for us. I had lots of aunts and uncles who were always there to help with our wants and needs, yet I wondered what was wrong with me because my uncle in his drunken stupors called me worthless. I once hid in the car to be sure nobody saw us in the parking lot of Kmart, and refused to go inside for fear of someone seeing my family shop there, yet I never went without nice enough clothes and shoes. I HATED tube socks because that dang seam would ride at the end of your toes, but yet I had socks, when I’m sure many kids in this world didn’t.

Looking back on these scenarios, which resemble many other such actions, feelings and beliefs throughout my life, even to present day, I realize I wasn’t so much an optimist, but more a pessimist at times. And I think it ties directly to the belief that this is the calm before the storm, we often await the trials, temptations, and tribulations. Of course, they will come, the Bible says they will, but why not focus on what we have, when we have it? Maybe our focus on being in a calm and awaiting a storm brings those thoughts? Might we change what we say? And just maybe we will appreciate the storm, fully believing the calm is just around the bend!

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