Today Part 2

TODAY. . . I wished I could apologize to each person whose life I affected negatively. Unfortunately, most I can't. I never in my life wished to cause harm to anyone or anything, yet I harmed many. With God as my witness, I pray for each life affected, often, that God would guide them and not allow them to hurt people as I have. I pray for their success in life. I pray that addictions don't beat them as it has beat me. I pray they grow up to be good men, good fathers, and good husbands. If anything good can come from my past, I hope people see the potential consequence our actions can have, good or bad.

TODAY. . . I hope I can find my way in this dark place. I hope I continue to have the strength to make it one more day.

TODAY. . . I hope and pray, alternatives can present themselves, rather than warehousing us in prisons for the rest of our lives.

TODAY. . . I hope I can find peace and joy regardless of where I am.

JUST FOR TODAY. . . I hope I can go a day without feeling so damn lonely.

TODAY. . .

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