What If I Stumble. What If I fall?


I've chosen this title due to the song playing as I dropped to my knees for only the 2nd time in my adult life.

The words were also more than appropriate and timely as I knelt to pray for a number of people and issues, but most importantly for my little brother and best friend, A.D.M. I will stick with initials for his own privacy. I,however ask you to join me in prayer for him. God knows who we're praying for, a name is not necessary.

A.D.M. Is my little brother in Christ and has been one of my closest friends, despite his close age. He is 19 years old and word came to me today that he is in a struggle that includes drugs and waywardness.

I love this young man of God and am very saddened that I wasn't a better example when I had the opportunity, and now am unable to physically be there to help him up.

The one thing I can do is pray for him, and ask all my family, friends, and brothers and sisters in Christ to pray for him as well.

My prayer for him comes straight from Scripture. I pray he would “be careful how he walks, not as the unwise but as wise, making the best use of his time. That he would not be foolish, but that he would understand what the will of the Lord is for him”. (Acts 5:15-17).

As John, I pray likewise for A.D.M. “Bless him Lord, keep your hand on him, keep him from harm.” (Chronicles 4:20)

As Paul prayed for the Aeropagus, “I prayed he would seek God with the hope he might feel his way toward him and find him! Let him know you are not far from him. That he 111would know it is in you Lord that we live, move and have our being.” (Acts 17:27-28)

I have such a compassionate heart for those who are stumbling. I stumbled for so many years and still have my miss-steps, but by God's grace I am forgiven. If I can be forgiven for my grave sins, how much more A.D.M.? With the strength of the Lord and with the support of those who love us, though we stumble, we don't need to continue to fall. If we do, God, and those who love us ought to be there, and are there, to pick us up, dust us off, and give us the loving nudge we need to continue on our God-destined plan.

Chapter 17- the chapter I happen to be on in “Rediscover Jesus” by Matthew Kelly, the title is Radical Relationships. The chapter is spot on for what I am writing about today.

It begins with “God Loves even those who seem unlovable”(80) God Loves me, God loves you, and God loves you A.D.M.Jesus' attitude toward people was radically different because He saw in every man, woman, and child a child of God (81). Kelly recalls that it wasn't the natural born leaders or righteous men that Jesus chose to be His disciples.

Two major lessons in this chapter of “Rediscover Jesus”, One, “ e all need a group of people to do life with- people who walk with us through the good and the bad, who encourage and challenge us to be the best version of ourselves”. (82) And, “Jesus made a habit of going out of his way to engage with people on the fringe of society” (82)

Kelly's “point to ponder”- Every person is as important and valuable as the person you consider most important and valuable” (83)

If not coincidence enough that I would be on that chapter on this day, it continues. In my other daily devotional “exiles-a prisoners daily devotional” by Johnny Blevins, Jason Korch and Terry Solley, inmates themselves in Texas, today's devotion is titled “Guard your soul”.

Solley states that when he entered the prison system at a young age (late teens), he was “attracted” to those who seem to be thriving and prospering in this environment; the hustler, the gangster, the con artist, the convict and the crooked. (17).

We need to be in extra prayer for our youth, because that isn't the only way in jails and prisons. Peer pressure is prevalent everywhere, and the grass always looks greener on the other side of the “fence”, especially at that age. We must pray for A.D.M. And others his age, that they would be leaders, that they would be ambassadors for Christ, that they would be found and lead the lost to the Lord. They are at an age where they can be of GREAT INFLUENCE.

Solley closes with “we must guard our souls on a daily basis because it is so easy to become entangled and snared in the thorns that line our path” (17

A.D.M. I Love You and am praying for you always!!!

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