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Who Is My Target Audience?

Who is my target audience?

By AJ Rasmussen

I continue to add chapters to the book I'm writing, “Middle of Nowhere”, but the other day I let a friend read the first 15 chapters. One question he asked when done was “who is your target audience?

I didn't have a solid answer for him, and being the first book I've attempted to write, maybe I should of begun with that in mind?

However, this book sprang forth from a short assignment in my writing class, and I just continued on because I felt I had more to say? All the characters in the book are fictional, yet,the names have significant meaning to me. The story line, though mostly fictional, mostly is based on thoughts through my own childhood. A good portion thus far also is a fabrication of how I wished things could have been in my youth, as I progress through the story more of both will be experienced., I suppose it's a way for me to “re-live”my life, through a fictional character, Shiloh.

A favorite show of mine, “The Fosters” has been a major motivating force behind my writing, to see “Jude”, one of the main young characters, who is gay, be able to openly express his sexuality at such a young age, both makes me happy for youth today, but also sad at how it was in my childhood.

Furthermore, I chose to write this blog entry when, tonight, I saw on ESPN Sportscenter #SCFFEATURED story of a 12 year old, Braden Lang, who is a lacrosse player,  is battling with his sexuality and facing bullying, depression, suicidal thoughts, many tears, feeling alone, fear and worry. What 12 year old should have to live through such hell?

Thank God though, he came across a story pf a pro lacrosse player, Andrew Goldstein, who came out as gay in his teens, and Andrew has become a solid support for Braden.

As a Christian, I feel this is what God calls us to. He calls us to reach out to the hurting, not to judge them, put them down, share legalistic beliefs down their throats. To Love Them!!

This story, coupled with the bravery of both youth and adults around the world, and my own life, encourages me to continue with my book, hopefully will end up in someone's hands, who just needs to hear such a story.

So, who is my target audience? All ages, and all people, regardless, of gender or sexuality. To the youth, to let them, know they aren't alone, and have nothing to be ashamed about. To the adults, because to are still stuck living a double life like I was, hiding behind feelings, emotions, and past hurts, that just may be contributing to them hurting others. Jesus loves you all and says “Come just as you are”.

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