"You Have My Vote"

You Have My Vote!" by A.J. Rasmussen

We have a nightmare of choices for this edition of the preidential race. Who is the best choice from who we have to choose from? I don't really know who I would choose, if given the chance?

I ran across a story of a lady in my business class textbook. Her name, Anne Mulcahy. She was asked to become the new CEO for Xerox (unsure of the year). It wasn't an easy choice for her though, because she would be entering a company who for three years had seen steeply declining revenues, and increasing losses. With a growing debt ($17.1 Billion), only $154 Million of cash on hand, and stock that had dropped from a high of $64 per share, to $4.34 per share - she was very nervous and feared the thought of being responsible for ultimate failure and the effect it would have on 96,000 employees and retirees.

She made the tough decision though and took over the CEO position. Before she left the position, she had righted the ship, and brought Xerox back to profitability. An unreal feat. Why not Anne Mulcahy for President!? She isn't running, but could you imagine someone in the whitehouse who might actually be able to "balance the budget", and possibly bring our country out of debt! Without knowing anything about this woman, I would seriously consider her as a viable choice as President, someone who could at least turn us around financially. Maybe whoever does become President ought to look at bringing her onto the staff to handle the finances?

Anne Mulcahy, you have my vote!!

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